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We redesigned the dashboard to make ecommerce data simple, useful and mobile-friendly. Quickly see your most important numbers for key time ranges, notice recent trends at a glance, and check out your top performing channels. Simply sync your Google Analytics and go!

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Get short updates about important changes and trends, so you never miss a beat.


Take action on your data faster because your whole team can use Tycoon together.


Meet your new dashboard. See only the data you need, nothing you don't.


Dig deeper for recent activity about your most important traffic channels.

A news feed for your business.

Get performance alerts and helpful recaps to quickly understand what's happening with your business. Checking Tycoon over your morning coffee is the easiest way to stay in touch with your business and kickstart your day!

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Do more as a team.

Stop emailing screenshots from Google Analytics. Don't wait till team meetings to find out what's happening. With Messages, now your team can ask questions, gain insight and take action together.

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